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Ultima Online Classic Gaming... A retro UO coalition, server admins and important figures from the early UO community have joined forces in order to bring you authentic classic 1998 - 2002 freeserver Ultima Online.

Servers Featured:
Dragon of Time - Athlore Darklands

The Athlore Darklands!?

Yes, 77 and Valcor have teamed up to try to recreate the magic of 1999! 2 great servers joined forces, in an attempt to reunite all ex-athlore and ex-dragons of time players! Let's relive the memories together...


I dont really care for guards, so the only place safe will be around BRIT BANK (for now)

What is the skill/stat cap on UOCG?

The stat and skill cap is 125/125/125 5000.0

What emulator does UOCG use?

UOCG was developed using the new Sphere X, its hard to teach an old Admin new tricks.

Is there pre-casting on UOCG?

Yes, there is precasting on DoT. You can cast a spell, hold the target and perform actions while the target is up.

I played back in the old days, is my account still there?

YES! Contact 77 on facebook. He will ask you a series of questions to prove your identity.
Then we'll see about recovering and restoring your account / character.

Can i have my character back?

If you can prove who you are, YES! I have all my old worldsaves and will restore any old character! 2000-2020
BE SURE TO ALWAYS USE OLD ACCOUNT NAMES! I will only restore characters to their original account.

I can't remember my account name/password. What do I do?

Contact 77 on facebook. He will ask you a series of questions to prove your identity.

How many accounts and characters can i have?

Try to keep it to 2 accounts, 3 characters per account. Theres no real need for more than one really.

How long has UOCG existed?

Dragons of Time was launched Februrary 21st 2000. That was a very very long time ago...

Are keys newbied?


Do items decay in houses or on boats?

Items do not decay in houses or on boats. But remember houses and boats are NOT safe! ALWAYS LOCK ITEMS DOWN

Is there stat loss on UOCG?

Theres not supposed to be. If you have problems with your stats, page a GM.

I have 100.0 tactics & swords, why do i keep missing?

Even with 100.0, you have a 50% hit chance, this is normal, BUT there are LOTS of items to get your skills above 100.0, at 125.0 you hit alot.

Why do you keep DoT alive?

Memories... I miss everyone thats ever played on Dragons of Time,
so i make sure their account will always be here waiting...

Whats a membership card?

Players that donated back in the old days to keep DoT alive got special items, access to secret locations, special vendors and special privileges.
All memberships are for life and donors get VIP status.

Whats the best armor in the game?

Ore Armor is grouped in 3 groups. Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.
Group 3 ore is the best armor if it is enhanced with a +25 potion.
Ore armor has more hitpoints then magic iron loot drops.
So you can make all +25 Titanium! or some ores give magic properties...
Read the UOCG Armor Guide for more information.

So let me get this straight...
i can make +15 weapons and +25 newbied armor!?

Yup! pretty awesome eh? you can buy weapon, armor, and clothing newbied potions from skully...
+1 +3 +5 +7 +9 potions are purchased from enchanters in town, +11 +13 +15 potions are available via [Quest]

Whats animal food?

You can power up your pets with STR, INT and DEX formula animal food. Be sure to feed them lots of Animal Feed so they stay happy and wont leave you!

Is this the best server ever created?

Yup! Online for over 20 years...

Who created this awesome website?

The owners over at uolostlands.com, great server, great people, go check them out! Way better server than this one.

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