About Dragons of Time

Dragons of Time was established in 2000.
77 played on Athlore as Shan Kalinar in 1999. Tired of the GM cheating he left to create his own server. In the process taking a few players with him, and to this day, most of them still log on! His golden rule was "No GM cheating". How was this accomplished you ask?
Well... by NOT having any GMs! EVER! UOCG has pretty much been a 1 man operation since day 1.


DoT:AD is brought to you by UO veterans of over 20+ years experience. At DoT:AD old school is the ONLY school. 100% authentic old school sphereserver ultima online.


Level up to gain rewards!
Stat max is 125/125/125 5000.0

Shard Rules

  • Play with honor! UO is almost a 20 years old game, theres no need for cheats, programs and hacks...
    Play UO the way is was meant to be played, to be fun!
  • Maximum amount of 2 accounts per player. 3 characters per account.
  • No Rez killing, don't be a jerk...
  • Players must use the official UO client 1.26.4b. Non EA/OSI clients are disallowed.
  • Looting someones house and you will be BANNED! Play with honor...
  • Speedhack and you will be BANNED! Play with honor... i mean come on, its a game almost 20 years old...
  • As Always, No PvP or Looting during EVENTS and QUESTS!
  • Pet STR max is 666
  • No animal poaching! 2 of each kind please
  • No looting house keys! Any newbied item is meant to be put in your characters backpack, not in a bag or chest!

Try us, you won't be disappointed

Over 20 years of UO history...
Log in today, once you play DoT:AD you'll immediatly notice the quality difference and you too will realize this is the greatest 51a style server ever created!


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